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A Journey Begins..

Posted by iveywebsitemanager on March 17, 2015 at 11:00 PM

A Journey begins:

Where to start? This seems to always be the first question asked before starting an adventure; and this is exactly what I asked myself when it came to this musical journey.

"I see Ivey on a big stage, screaming fans around" I laughed as my friends Yonnathan Varela and Daniel Pero talked of their foreseen performance in my future. I love music, and I suddenly loved writing it. Music holds an amazing portion of my heart, but after all, I didn't think the music life was for me. I want to be a Pastor, have a church, a family, live in a quiet house in a nice neighborhood, and live my life with the constant struggle of answering my phone and early mornings. 

Ministry is one of the sole purposes of a Christian's life. And A Pastor is one of the noblest, most respectable jobs in the world. And I couldn't wait to become one... or so I thought.

How could this be? I asked this while metaphorically slapping myself in the face in the middle of Homiletics class, an upper level preaching class I was taking last semester. Why was I slapping myself in the face, a good question. It was because I felt a cold, embered heart barely beating inside of my chest. "How could I not want to be a Pastor anymore? I knew a few things..

1. I knew God wanted me to come to this college

2. I knew God wanted me in full time occupational ministry

3. I knew I loved helping people

So why am I losing my desire for a Pastoral ministry? I concluded that there could only be one answer..My own carnality. 

Surely this was it, the only explanation for my loss of passion for my Major, course of study, a future occupation.

….What if I did use the music God lays on my heart for a career? Is this right?

So the struggle began.

Prayer- This was the only key. After all, how else am I, or any Christian supposed to know anything about our lives without both reading God's Word, and talking to our Savior. The decisions that were made right in the Bible, by Abraham, kings of Israel, Mary and Joseph- All were made after communication with the Almighty, All-Knowing God; and this is what I knew I had to do.

I prayed, I begged, I pleaded. I was terrified of departing from my previous dreams to follow something else which seemed frivolous, fame-hungry, and selfish.

And so I talked to someone who has never given a single piece of bad advice, never led anyone astray, and has never been wrong. I asked God for His direction.

Time went by, and hours passed; and I felt something that I hadn't felt in what seemed like forever….An electric blue flame sparked in my heart…

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